Monday, December 20, 2010

Update on Kristi

Sunday, Dec.12  Kristi has a blur episode in her right eye after church, then again at night before bed

Monday, Dec. 13 Kristi has a right eye black out calls ambulance they come over to the house. Kristi makes appointment to get eyes checked out by her Physician. Having symptoms of eye pain, headache, and funny sensation in right arm the Dr. sends her in an ambulance to Methodist Hospital to get check out for possible stroke etc...
      At the hospital they give her an MRI of the head. Praise the Lord everything looks good on the MRI as far as stroke or ms or anything.  The ER Dr. finally lets us go at 10:30 pm or so with the diagnosis of Ocular migraine and gave her some a prescription to treat that.

Tuesday, Dec.14 Kristi decides to have an eye Dr. look at her eye.  So she is seen by a Optometrist in Monticello.She thinks it could not be Ocular Migraine because of the pain in her eye when she looks around.

Wednesday, Dec.15 The general eye Dr calls and thinks Kristi needs to be seen by the Ophthalmologist, which is the eye surgeon.  At this point the right eye is very blurry and still hurting when rotated.

Thursday Dec.16 Kristi has a comprehensive eye exam with the Ophthalmologist.  He thinks  Kristi might have a condition called Optic Neuritis.  He's is not definite, but it was worth a shoot to treat her as if that is what she has. So treatment fro Optic Neuritis is three days in a row of 1000mg  Steroids.  At the time he was not sure that nursing was okay with the Steroids so Kristi eventually found out it is OKAY to nurse while on Steroids.

Friday Dec. 17 Kristi suffers from a bad headache and leg pains and a funny leg sensation on top of the right eye blurriness and pain with rotation.

Saturday, Dec 18 Kristi wakes up and thinks it is going into the left eye as well as the right eye and we really need to get the Steroids going.  So, we call the on call Dr. at the Ophthalmologist  clinic and he calls in the prescription to Methodist Hospital.  We journeyed down to Methodist and find out that we have to go through the ER again and basically do everything again.  Finally the ER Dr.(who was awesome by the way) tracked down the called in prescription and Kristi started the 1st dose of steroids. The on call    Ophthalmologist from Saint Cloud wanted us to call him in the morning to see how Kristi was doing.

Sunday, Dec. 19  Both eyes still bad.  They eye symptoms today are still eye pain and blurriness and everything being vry bright.  Ex.- when she looks outside everything is bright white. Everything looks way brightened  and colors are "washed out". Like a very over exposed picture.
      After church we called the on call Dr. and he said that he would like to see Kristi right away because it had now gone into both eyes.   So he opened up the eye clinic just for us and he did an exam on both eyes.  We tried to have the 2nd does of the meds in St Cloud but that didn't work out so well so.... we made the long trek down to Saint Louis Park back to Methodist.  At least this time we didn't need to go through the ER.

Monday, Dec.20 Kristi had a follow up appointment with a neurologist from the first Er visit when she had the MRI.  That appointment went well except the Dr. wants her to have another MRI with dye.  They still don't really know what is going on with Kristi.  This Dr. is also having Kristi get a lot of blood work done.
     I guess the big thing now is that the MRI with dye is scheduled  for this Wednesday at 1:30pm.  And with this MRI Kristi CANNOT nurse baby Jonah.  Jonah has never taken a bottle and has mom has NO stored up milk and Jonah as never had formula.  So, if you would like you could join us in praying that Jonah will be oay with a bottle for 24hours and then be fine going back to the breast after that.
      We will try to keep you all updated on the latest news on Kristi's condition.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a day of rest for our family.  Them back for more Dr. visits on Wed. and Thursday. 

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