Friday, February 20, 2015

The seizures have been creeping back in these past few days including a short tonic clonic in his sleep this morning. Justin and Jonah will be going back down the the Mayo today for an IVIG treatment. We are so thankful the infusions are helping. I just wish the benefits would last a bit longer. It seems like it works great for about a week and then the seizures creep back in. It would also be nice in insurance would step in and pay for them. 

We have heard back from Justin's work and they have reviewed the case and have told us that they will not be paying for it because our insurance company states that it is an experimental form of treatment. 

Here's a couple more Valentine pictures: 
Projectors are so much fun! Jonah is playing Mario on Ethan
James with his Wedget creation. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Jonah has had a good run these past few days only having 1-3 seizures each day. We are down from 3-8 each day. Keep the prayer coming!

Justin, Tyler and Shane are on their way home from a Regional Pokemon turnament in Missouri this weekend. Tyler made it to day 2 which was only for the top 32 players. Day 2 he didn't make it to the final cut but he won prizes, championship points and bragging rights!  

Friday night, Vanessa and I had a girls night out! Thank you grandma for watching the boys. 

Saturday we headed down to my mom's church for a Valentine carnival. My kids look forward to this all year. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jonah seems to be sleeping peacefully. He was in a pretty much constant seizure mode till he finally fell asleep. I believe the plan is that Justin will be taking him in to the Mayo Clinic for at least an IVIG infusion tomorrow morning. Unless of course something happens yet tonight and we need to take him to the ER as directed by his doctor. 

Here's him a couple days ago playing games on the "big" screen:

Please pray for Jonah. He has been in a seizure state almost ALL day and had a tonic clonic in his sleep this morning. Will update more tonight. Thanks!