Friday, December 31, 2010

First, I'm really sorry that I have not updated in a while. I don't think it is very good for my eyes to be on the computer for very long. I think most of you have heard that I do NOT have MS.

With that being said, they still don't know what it is that I have because a lot of my test results that were sent down to the Mayo Clinic are not back yet. The results that are back already though are the ones that rule OUT MS.

I do believe that I did or do have a condition in my eyes, Optic Neuritis. So, It's kind of a not so good place to be in, just waiting for results. I expect to get a call on Tuesday from my neurologist (they are out of the office on Monday) to schedule an appointment for some time next week to go over the result when they do come in. Also, I have an appointment with the eye surgeon on Wednesday for a follow up eye exam. As far as my eyes, my vision has improved a lot. I can see pretty well, however, lights and darks are still really off. And it is hard for me to see a lot of detail for example it's hard for me to find something in the fridge or in a cupboard or drawer. It's like the white balance is way off.

The day following my Lumbar puncture I started having very bad headaches when I sat and stood up. Thank you Jesus those are gone now. But they lasted for 6 days.

As far as Jonah, I don't remember if I mentioned anything about him in a recent post. He had is 6 month well check last Monday. He had not gained any weight since his 4 month well check. He weighs only 13 pounds 3 ounces. I thought that maybe my milk supply was decreasing, but I think it is back up there!! His Dr. told us to start him on rice cereal, and then jump right in to the protein foods. So that's what we are trying to do. If anyone has any advice on making baby food or good suggestions for protein foods for babies that would be great! Developmentally, Jonah is doing awesome!!!! He crawls all over, he's pulling himself up on things and babbling quite a bit and just a very happy smiley baby!

Please keep praying for the healing of my body and to keep trusting God no matter what He has in store for our family.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Update from my husband, Justin

Other/NMO (10%) ( vs MS (90%) (

So this is what we are more than likely talking about as Kristi's neurologist has looked at the results from the Lumbar Puncture and will more than likely be waiting to get all the Blood Work results together before meeting with us again.

First, let me say that my wife is one tough cookie!  She has been through so many tests, been to so many appointments and all while not being able to see much of anything at first.  Thank God her vision is coming back even if it is gradually.

Second, I love my wife very much and I say this because she will more than likely read this and I just want her to know that I will be right by her side no matter what.  Which reminds me of that day so long ago it seems back on the 6th day of May back in 2000.

Question, "Justin, do you take Kristi to be your wedded wife to live together in marriage?"
Answer, "I do."
Question, "Do you promise to love, comfort, honor and keep her for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, be faithful only to her so long as you both shall live?"
Answer, "I do."

When I said I do, it also means I will.  I will love you the best that I can love you.  Let's keep God at the center of our relationship as He has been and I know we will be together as long as God allows.

To all the readers of this Blog, I appreciate any prayers that you have said and will continue to say.  I would ask that you pray specifically for my wife as this is a really difficult time for her as she is trying to figure out what has just happened and as she attempts to put all of this into perspective.  She is a great mother, an awesome wife, and a wonderful leader for our family for Christ.

To all that have helped out in one way or another I just want to say thank you so much for everything that you have done to help make this very difficult time a little bit easier.

I remember the first time we said this prayer together as a family I thought it was kinda weird, however since then it has really meant something when I say it...

Our Father, which art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;
thy kingdom come;
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those that trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation;
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever.
Let all we do bring glory to God.

And with that I will sign off for now as my family sleeps and I sit up praying for a Christmas gift for my wife...Healing.

Friday, December 24, 2010

I wanted to back up a little and share with you that my Dr. did find a couple lesions on my neck and some inflammation behind both eyes.  We do not have the results yet from the Spinal Tap.  Because of the inflammation and what not my Dr. wanted to me to have 2 more days of high Steroids IV injection.  So, yesterday I had the first up here in at the Monticello hospital.

I wanted to thank everyone who has been praying and providing meals, drying clothes, childcare, sharing bible verses and everything else you all have been doing to bless us.

Here our some things we could really use prayer for right now:

1.healing my body if it be God's will
2.all the Dr.'s involved in my case
3.our older kids Tyler, Shane, Vanessa and James Jonah may he sleep at night and not be effected by whatever medication I might need.  Pray it would be compatible with nursing
5. pray for Justin, he has been my rock during all of this. He has been so supportive.  He will need to go back to work on Monday.
6. the part we need for our dryer that is back ordered in Africa will get here ASAP
7. my mom who has been here almost everyday helping out

Thanks again for walking with us through this whole thing.  Any bible verses or suggestions or advice or comments are welcomed!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday Dec. 23:  Well....where should I start.....In a nutshell, there were more Dr. appointments, blood work and tests today.  Hopefully, Justin can fill in more of the details.  Dr. strongly suspects Multiple Sclerosis.

Whatever it may or may not be we know God has a plan for us. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wed. Dec. 22- Dr. appointment was not so good today.  Some red  flag with contrast MRI.  Neurologist wants to see me back tomorrow morning.  Also tomorrow I have to have a lumbar or whatever you call a spinal fluid test thing.  So after the test I need to be lying  flat the rest of the day/night.  Will give more details later.  Jonah is doing okay.  He is 6 months old today!!!!!!!  Please keep praying.

Wed. Dec. 22  I think that my sight is getting better!!!!!!   It's far from back to normal but I think I can tell a difference.   I will update more after all the Dr. Appointments today.  Again, please pray from continued healing for my eyes and that little Jonah transitions okay to a bottle. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Tuesday, December 21st:  Today, my eyesight is not any better or any worse than the last couple of days.  I can see my kids, around the house, my computer, and I can even see somewhat around the hospital.  I cannot see everything at once though.  It's like I have to zone or zoom in on one thing at a time.  Everything is VERY bright.  There is no way I could drive myself anywhere, but I am just so thankful that I can still see even if it is not very well.  No Dr. visits today just a day to hang out with my family and hopefully get a Christmas tree!  Tomorrow should be a pretty hard day for us so please keep us in your prayers.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Update on Kristi

Sunday, Dec.12  Kristi has a blur episode in her right eye after church, then again at night before bed

Monday, Dec. 13 Kristi has a right eye black out calls ambulance they come over to the house. Kristi makes appointment to get eyes checked out by her Physician. Having symptoms of eye pain, headache, and funny sensation in right arm the Dr. sends her in an ambulance to Methodist Hospital to get check out for possible stroke etc...
      At the hospital they give her an MRI of the head. Praise the Lord everything looks good on the MRI as far as stroke or ms or anything.  The ER Dr. finally lets us go at 10:30 pm or so with the diagnosis of Ocular migraine and gave her some a prescription to treat that.

Tuesday, Dec.14 Kristi decides to have an eye Dr. look at her eye.  So she is seen by a Optometrist in Monticello.She thinks it could not be Ocular Migraine because of the pain in her eye when she looks around.

Wednesday, Dec.15 The general eye Dr calls and thinks Kristi needs to be seen by the Ophthalmologist, which is the eye surgeon.  At this point the right eye is very blurry and still hurting when rotated.

Thursday Dec.16 Kristi has a comprehensive eye exam with the Ophthalmologist.  He thinks  Kristi might have a condition called Optic Neuritis.  He's is not definite, but it was worth a shoot to treat her as if that is what she has. So treatment fro Optic Neuritis is three days in a row of 1000mg  Steroids.  At the time he was not sure that nursing was okay with the Steroids so Kristi eventually found out it is OKAY to nurse while on Steroids.

Friday Dec. 17 Kristi suffers from a bad headache and leg pains and a funny leg sensation on top of the right eye blurriness and pain with rotation.

Saturday, Dec 18 Kristi wakes up and thinks it is going into the left eye as well as the right eye and we really need to get the Steroids going.  So, we call the on call Dr. at the Ophthalmologist  clinic and he calls in the prescription to Methodist Hospital.  We journeyed down to Methodist and find out that we have to go through the ER again and basically do everything again.  Finally the ER Dr.(who was awesome by the way) tracked down the called in prescription and Kristi started the 1st dose of steroids. The on call    Ophthalmologist from Saint Cloud wanted us to call him in the morning to see how Kristi was doing.

Sunday, Dec. 19  Both eyes still bad.  They eye symptoms today are still eye pain and blurriness and everything being vry bright.  Ex.- when she looks outside everything is bright white. Everything looks way brightened  and colors are "washed out". Like a very over exposed picture.
      After church we called the on call Dr. and he said that he would like to see Kristi right away because it had now gone into both eyes.   So he opened up the eye clinic just for us and he did an exam on both eyes.  We tried to have the 2nd does of the meds in St Cloud but that didn't work out so well so.... we made the long trek down to Saint Louis Park back to Methodist.  At least this time we didn't need to go through the ER.

Monday, Dec.20 Kristi had a follow up appointment with a neurologist from the first Er visit when she had the MRI.  That appointment went well except the Dr. wants her to have another MRI with dye.  They still don't really know what is going on with Kristi.  This Dr. is also having Kristi get a lot of blood work done.
     I guess the big thing now is that the MRI with dye is scheduled  for this Wednesday at 1:30pm.  And with this MRI Kristi CANNOT nurse baby Jonah.  Jonah has never taken a bottle and has mom has NO stored up milk and Jonah as never had formula.  So, if you would like you could join us in praying that Jonah will be oay with a bottle for 24hours and then be fine going back to the breast after that.
      We will try to keep you all updated on the latest news on Kristi's condition.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a day of rest for our family.  Them back for more Dr. visits on Wed. and Thursday. 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

apple orchard visit

Last year at Fall Harvest Orchard:

 This year:
 It's funny how they are all in the same order as last years picture.

Friday, November 19, 2010

First day of school pictures

I know the first day of school was over 2 months ago now, but I still wanted to post the 1st day of school pictures.  A big part of why I have this Blog is so I can go back and reflect on pictures and memories of my family without going through the masses of pictures I have on my hard drive. Thanks for sharing them with me!

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ON OCTOBER 2ND 2010.....


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Yep, Shane is now 9. 
Here are some things Shane likes:
Cereal: Crunch Berries
Dinner: Tacos
Video game: Halo 3 & Halo Reach
Netflix shows: Ant and Arvarik, Jackie Chan cartoon, Sand Lot
Friends: Gavin, Trey,Tyler Walsh,Allen,Adam,Logan,Mathew,Mitchell
Restaurant: Buffalo Wild Wings
School Subject: Math
Games: Pokemon, chess, rubber band fights
Outdoor activity: Ripstick, pin pong, ladder, 5, chase game, night games(7 steps), trampoline
Kwik Trip w/ grandma: Mega Buddy


OCTOBER 13, 2010......


Wow, time goes by so fast.  I can't believe my firstborn just turned 12.  Next year he will be a teenage.  Justin and I couldn't have asked for a better firstborn.  Tyler is a very good and very bright kid.  He's definitely a leader and not a follower.  Here is some of what Tyler likes this past year:
Cereal: Lucky Charms
Dinner: Tacos, Pizza
Restaurant: Buffalo Wild Wings, Famous Dave's
Games: Pokemon, chess, Justin's phone games
Video games: Halo 3 & Reach, Monster Hunter
Books: Kingdom's Dawn series, Percy Jackson series, 39 Clues series, Fire Star series, Halo  

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jonah moving

Jonah is offically on the move!! Yes my friends he can get himself anywhere he wants on the livingroom floor, bed or wherever.  He rolls around both ways and he has started scooting on his tummy.  It is so cute, he looks like a little catapillar.  I have yet to capure it on video but as soon as I do I will post it.  I think he is the youngest of all my kiddos to start "scooting" at 4.5 months. 

Jonah's 4 month birthday October 22, 2010

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I know he is already 4.5 months, but, I thought that these 4 months pictures were worth posting!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween candy

Anyone want any Halloween candy???? We have WAY too much. I think we will be donating some to Noodles this Sunday and getting the kids a FREE kids menu noodle bowl.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jonah's three months old

I can't believe that Jonah is already 3 months old.  Actually he is 3 months and 1.5 weeks.  He is such a good boy!!!!!!  He sleeps GREAT at night.  He has sleeps a min. of 5 hour stretches but usually much longer than that and not waking more than to eat for 11 hours or so.  I remember having to wake him to eat when he was a wee little one.  Now that he is a little older he is awake a lot more during the day with about 3 naps, a long 2 hour nap or so, and then a couple shorter ones.  He is almost always a happy.  If I set him down on his back or in his bouncer he will just kick his feet, smile and make little cooing sounds.  He still fits most of his 0-3 month clothes and is still in size1-2 diapers.  As far as his measurements I'm not sure how much he weighs but I do know that he is a lot different than the other K-B kids as far as weight.  All of the other K-B kids were a lot chubbier than Jonah. There's a poem a friend from my small group wrote about her son and it is exactly how I feel, so I asked her if I could share it here:

Until I met you.

I thought I was right. Until I met you.
I used to think I had it all figured out.
I thought I was right. Until I met you.
Once I thought my life was as full of joy as it could possibly get.
I thought I was right. Until I met you.
At one point, I thought I was stretched to my limit, with nothing more to give.
I thought I was right. Until I met you.
I used to say that I was fine with having just four children.
I thought I was right. Until I met you.
I used to think my heart held as much love as it could possibly hold.
I thought I was right. Until I met you.
I am so glad I met you, Baby Jonah. You fill Mama’s heart in ways I would have never thought.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On the way over to Wisconsin, we stopped at this gas station that had a Veteran Memorial.  It was pretty cool!  The K-B kids got to climb on the tank and go inside the turret.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grandpa Dan's Land

Recently, we journeyed over to my dad's cabin in Wisconsin.  We always  have such a good time there.  Here are some photos that we captured while we were there: