Friday, April 12, 2013

We have a dr. appointment tomorrow with Jonah's neurologist. It's a follow up from his initial appointment.

Please pray for that appointment.

Praise God that Jonah has not had a major Tonic-Clonic aka Grand Mal seizure in 20 days!!!

He has been having these what seem to be mini seizures that will only last for a second or two within an hour of waking up. He has also started having them occasionally throughout the day. So, we have not let be on his own very much out if our sight. Justin and I are both very tired by the end if the day.

The meds that he is on seem to have little side effects. Once in awhile he says that his eyes hurt but I'm not sure far that's all about.

I'm a bit scared that his dr. will increase his meds again, change them or add an additional medication. But at the same time I don't want him to keep having these mini seizures.

I will try to update tomorrow after the appointment.