Saturday, September 12, 2009


Last week we were dog sitting this amazing dog named Bella. This dog was born to be a hunter. Anytime she would go outside or for a walk she would have her nose to the ground sniffing out rabbits or squirrels or birds. It was funny that she would not bark at people when they would walk by our house. But when a flock of Geese would fly over she would go crazy. Another thing about Bella which I find amazing is that she does not beg for table food or for that matter even try to eat it if the ground. She loves to go on walks well, I should say fast runs or bike rides. Her current owner is thinking that she might be too much for there family right now. We would love to take her however, I think if she lived with us she would seriously EAT our cat Tika. Here are a couple snaps of Vanessa and Shane loving on Bella:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A day at grandpa and grandma's

A couple weeks ago my dad came out to our house and picked up Tyler & Shane for a ride in the 1937 Ford. I met them down at his house a bit later with Vanessa and James. Justin was working at the fair that day. I took a few pictures from our trip down to the good old SLP.

Here is my dad's street rod. Although if you have an LCD monitor the color just does not seem right on the car.

What a nice big brother Shane is to give james a ride on the tricycle!

This is the park that is right up the street from my dad's house

Last here is a picture of part of my dad's back yard. (I don't really know why I am posting a picture of it )I guess maybe because he just took down his deck and did all of this new landscaping.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Interesting bugs from our yard

New job part 2

We have had a busy 2 weeks. I think I had mentioned before that I had a new job. Well, I have actually quit my job already. Technically my last day is the 18th of September so I guess I'm not done yet. I like the job and it is pretty easy and all of that, but, it was just taking too much of my time from my family. Not only was it the time I am actually away from home but also the day after I am so tired from staying up so late that I am so tired the following day to be able to get everything I need to get done.