Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A couple of Jonah's meals:
Tuna sandwich(27 tuna 16 Hellmann's Mayo) with pickles, cream mixed with diet root beer and frozen coconut oil. 
Spaghetti and meatballs meal. Made with Walden Farms pasta sauce(carb free), miracle noodles, 2g butter and ground beef. This meal is missing 12g coconut oil, 58 grams of cream and 37g raspberries. 400 calories

Summer FUN:

Hanging with friends 
Riding bikes 
Climbing trees
Blonde hair 

As many of you know we have moved. We felt that it was the right time to make some changes and moving out of out previous house was one of them. 

We made it happen by dipping into Justin's 401K. I know that is not the best thing to do but we felt it was the right thing for us. 

We found this house in Monticello that I would say is not too big and not too small but just the right size for our family. It's an older home built in 1977 but we love it!

We are trying to rent or sell our previous house if anyone knows of anyone looking to rent or buy a 4 bedroom/2 bath house in Monticello.

Enjoy some pics of the new place: 
Eating strawberries from the strawberry patch
Building a tree fort 
More space to ride around!
Creating new memories!

I mentioned a while back that Jonah's bike had been stolen from our yard. Someone at Justin's work stepped forward anonymously and bought Jonah a new bike and helmet. Now that his wrist and collar bone are not broken he rides his new bike everyday. THANK YOU to whoever gave Jonah this gift!! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jonah has actually been doing very bad lately. He is been in and out of seizures A LOT over the last couple weeks. We are still waiting for the CBD study. We actually heard directly from his doctor today. She told us that the study will start for sure within the first 2 weeks in July. Supposedly they will be starting Jonah and 2 others before the rest because they are in such bad shape. Don't get me wrong he is still enjoying the summer and is a HAPPY 5 year old boy, he is just having more than usual seizures. 

Who-hoo! Look what came in the mail today- 
Walden Farms sauces are not completely "free" but they make the ketogenic diet, especially the cream and coconut oil way easier to eat. 
For my Keto friends:

Here is a sample of a few meals that Jonah eats. He's on a 3:1 and 400 calorie diet.

Skippy natural peanut butter
Yogurt Dannon light and fit all flavors 
Bacon Oscar Mayer 
Cream 36%
Chocolate syrup Walden Farms 
Fruit spread Walden Farms 
Coconut oil Spectrum organic 
Frozen cream is mixed with a little Stevia
Bread Sara Lee Delightful 100% whole wheat
Cheese Kraft DeliDeluxe American

Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday, Jonah! As We celebrate Jonah's birthday today I want to celebrate him. No talk about seizures or whatever tonight. Just a time to enjoy what a sweet, happy little boy Jonah is despite everything he has been going through since he was 2.