Saturday, August 1, 2015

Jonah is stil having loads of seizures everyday. Today he actually had a pretty good day but otherwise if you count every myoclonic seizure he has close to 100 of which maybe 20 are actually counted as bigger or longer ones. 

We had to miss out on our church family camp, Camp L!ve, this year. This is the first year since they started it that we weren't part of it. We showed up Monday night but Jonah was having so many seizures we had to go. We always look forward to camp so that was kind of a bummer. Here's a link to one of the first if not the first Quarry family camp, and

Our family had a great extended weekend with dad. He was able to take off a half day on Thursday and the entire day on Friday. Friday we ended up going down to the Waterpark of America. I think everyone had a great time! At one point I had to give Jonah his rescue meds because he wasn't coming out of an absent seizure. Afterwards we headed to the Raddison Blu for dinner as we thought we had a gift card only to find out after that the gift card wouldn't work at that location. 

I think we are close to having our old house rented starting in September. We have narrowed it down to 2 parties. Woo Hoo after August no more double mortgage payments. 

Oh yeah and we sold Bruce today. :( We will greatly miss you. 

Camp the first night before we had to leave.