Monday, June 30, 2014

This morning Jonah had 2 tonic clonic (grand mal) seizures in his sleep. It was hard after going so long seizure free. The rest of the day he did great. We talked to his doctor and his levels look good so nothing will change as of now.

We are having a hard time getting insurance to authorize the IVIg infusion by Wednesday locally so I may have to take him down to the Mayo to get it Thursday morning. His doctor does not want him to wait until next week. Please be praying it will work out locally.  

Justin, Tyler and Shane leave for Indianapolis on Wednesday and won't be  back until Monday. That will be a long stretch by myself with the 4 littles. The trip has been planned for a long time and if they don't go Shane misses out on the $750 coming to him for doing so well during the regular season. Justin and Tyler will also miss out on a chance to get a world invite. 

Besides this morning it has been such joy watching Jonah run around and play like a normal 4 year old. My prayer is that he will remain seizure free. At least not have multiple everyday. 


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