Sunday, June 15, 2014

We had a glimpse of hope today with Jonah. Although nowhere near the Jonah we know and can't wait to have back.

Jonah talked to us today. Jonah smiled at us today. Jonah was able to eat some of his food. 

His doctor surprised us today with a visit. It's pretty rare for a doctor to show up at the hospital on a Sunday morning just to see Jonah. 

We met with her to go over the game plan. Although his non convulsive status seizures were not damaging to him the doctor want to be more aggressive with getting him out of it. He had been in an almost constant seizure mode since he woke up Friday morning. 

We started in on the plan and by tripling
the dose of the new medication. That didn't really do much. So we went on to the next thing which was to increase his old medication by tripling  the dose he was getting. That is when he started talking a little and becoming more aware I his surroundings. He is still not anywhere near his baseline it was so good to hear his sweet voice. 

Jonah is still having seizures so the next step is to have a meeting tomorrow with his doctor and her team and discuss giving him IVIG or steroids. 

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