Monday, June 16, 2014

Jonah UPDATE: AM 6/16/2014

Morning readers.

The neurologist's of the day just came through and said although Jonah is showing improvement visually (clinically) his EEG isn't getting a ton better.  So they are suggesting that we go the route of starting the IVIG (intravenous immuno globulin) and that will take 5 days.  So we are looking at what to do now, as that will bring us to Friday, and even at that point depending on how things look we may not be able to go home.

Please pray that we will make wise choices with our other children and my work and so on.

Yesterday I was a bit bummed to say the least.  Our aunt and uncle came down to bring us clothes and dinner and hang for a bit, which was very appreciated as we got to talk for a bit and even joke around.

I prayed over and over and over again for God to heal Jonah and allow us to have him back again.

Yesterday was Father's Day, and I wasn't feeling like a great father as I am not really able to do much about what is going on with Jonah.  (Satin's lies, I know)  Nevertheless, I was blown away at 4PM Jonah got 750mg of Keppra and it was just what he needed.  Hear me out he wasn't back to new, but he was back to talk with us, joke around and be much like himself that we have grown to love so much.  He almost ate his entire meal by himself, which is amazing.  We snuggled and talked a bit and it was just good to hear him say good night and that he loves me too.

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  1. Justin, it is so good to hear that there is some improvement in Jonah with being able to bless you on Fathers Day. He is such a sweet little guy! Seems that God is right there with you! Don't believe those lies from Satan. We will continue to pray for Jonah but also for you and Kristi, that you find peaceful rest and comfort. That you not be discouraged and you continue to keep your focus on God and his power over all of this. You are amazing parents and are both so very loved by us all.