Saturday, July 19, 2014

Not much has changed since my last Jonah update. We went down to the Mayo again this past Friday for another IVIg infusion. Things went well with that.

Jonah continues to have a quick tonic or myoclonic within 10 minutes of falling asleep almost every night and an occasional tonic clonic closer to morning. I would like to see him 100% seizure free but am so thankful he has been seizure free during the day for 1 whole month already. Praise God! He haven't fallen and hurt himself from a seizure in over a month. 

We will address the night time seizures during out next appointment with his doctor in 2 weeks. His ketones have been low so they my want to shut something with his diet before then.
Getting his infusion
Sitting on Snoopy after the 5 hour hospital visit

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