Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jonah continues to have seizure free days!! Nights are about the same also with a quick tonic and once in awhile a tonic clonic closer to morning. We go back to the Mayo Clinic at the end of next week for a doctor visit and an IVIg infusion.

Justin has not been feeling not all that great lately. He has been having these dizzy spells which is his vertigo. Some other symptoms were going in so he decided that it was best to get things checked out. He went down to the urgent care and they had him go to the hospital ER for some tests. They did a whole bunch of tests including an EKG, MRI and blood work. So things are checking out good. This was all tonight. 

The hospital bills are finally rolling in from all the hospital/doctor visits Jonah has had. Over $2000 after insurance through June 17 already. 

Shane just finished a great week at British Soccer Camp. This was his third year. Every year he has so much fun and learns so much. 

Tyler has been preparing for the upcoming grinder(last chance qualifier)  for the World Pokemon competition this August. He will be competing with 500 people to try to get a spot at World's to which only 4 get in. Shane ha already been invited so he won't have to go through the grinder like Justin and Tyler. 

Vanessa is a social butterfly. She I always playing with her friends every chance she can get. I think she'd have sleepovers every night if she could. :)

James is loving everything about summer- bare feet, water fun, bike rides, Mario... James and Jonah are becoming great buddies!

Ethan is my glow. He is always bringing a smile to my face. He is at that super cute toddler stage. Goes by WAY too fast. :(
These are the guys I'm around most so I have the most pictures I them on my phone.


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