Thursday, January 6, 2011

Update for now...

Okay so the last we heard from the Neurologist Nurse was that the Blood work came back for the NMO results and that was NEGATIVE. Also Kristi went to an Ophthalmologist for a follow-up meeting and that went rather well as he was pretty sure that the Blood work alone should be all that is needed to rule NMO out completely, we on the other hand have been told from the Neurologist that they still would like to see a negative back from the Spinal Tap that was done before Christmas. So all in all, we are still waiting. We continue to lean heavily on God as he is for us, so really who can be against us?

Again I hate to sound like a broken record but we want to thank everyone that is praying for us, and everyone that has helped out in anyway.

On another note, Kristi’s grandpa, Art (Papa) Charlebois is in heaven now. He died early Tuesday afternoon and his service is tomorrow morning. He was a great man. Through his entire life he would always remind us at gatherings that he believed he had the best family one could ask for, and now I think I know what he meant. So to the Charlebois family and it’s now ever growing additions, we too think that it is the best family that we could ever ask for as everyone is genuinely concerned and eager to help out whenever/where ever possible.

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