Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jonah update

Guess what this is?

Avocado! Pureed Avocado that I made for the first time.  Baby Jonah loves it!  So, thank you to all those who suggested it.   I do believe that Jonah is gaining weight. I think he's up at least a pound if not more. 

As far as me...

I'm feeling pretty good.  My eyes are still seeing light in different ways than before this whole thing started.  Also, I'm still having light flashes at night now my left eye as well as the right.  Although, it's not as bad in the right eye anymore.

I haven't driven yet even though my eye Dr. gave me the okay. I'm just a little nervous that I will miss something and get into a crash or something. 

Thursday is my next Dr. appointment to go over the test results that are back.  

So, continued prayer would be for healing and peace with whatever God has in store for us.

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