Monday, January 10, 2011

Pokemon Champ X2

Our Shane is now a city champ in Burnsville and Coon Rapids.

Hmmm you may be asking yourself what does that mean?  Well that means that he took home 18 Booster Packs, a 1st Place Medal, and bragging rights two days in a row.  He first won a city championship back this time last year in St. Paul.  He was so pumped and happy to win he could barely contain himself.  Here is a picture of him with his loot.

What I would say is that Pokemon is a really fun, clean, safe game to play with the kids and super technical in nature requiring the players to know tons about many cards.  All in all, its a good game for kids and adults to play to have fun with make believe creatures that when defeated are knocked out, not killed.

So that leads me to share a story with you about a battle that I had about a year ago in SLP, Dreamers to be exact.  I sat down at my table number and then my opponent sat down, he said hello told me his name and shook my hand and then the battle commenced.  Long story short, he defeated me and my Pokemon in about 3 turns.  I was really down about it until I heard I was just in the presence of greatness as he was coming off of a World Championship Tour taking 3rd place.  Yes 3rd place in the world and I thought I could do something.  It was fun, it was a pleasant experience even being crushed.

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