Saturday, April 25, 2015

Vanessa had a very fun birthday last night. I'm so thankful that everything worked out. The night started out terrible because Jonah went into another stupid seizure mode that he wouldn't come out of right around the time we were suppose to leave for the birthday party. I was so upset at the fact that he has uncontrolled seizures. Justin left to pick up the girls and I stayed back with Jonah and Ethan. I ended up giving Jonah emergency meds again($60 each time) and thank you Jesus he came out of the seizure. So, we headed down to Cheapskate to celebrate Vanessa. 

Vanessa had a very fun time at Cheapskate. It was really nice to do something where she is in the spotlight. A lot of times it is Jonah because he has special needs or Ethan cause he is the baby. She had 9 friends join us. 

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