Friday, March 13, 2015

Last week we received some great news. After nearly one whole year of battling our insurance company to pay for Jonah's vital IVIG a treatments the 4th appeal, thanks to his doctor, has been won! It truly is an answer to prayer. Although that was the biggest expense for Jonah's care we still have many, many hospital bills and other expenses. Not to mention this is something Jonah will most likely have for a long time. His seizures are SO unpredictable one day will have 1-2 and then the next day 6-8 then even other times he will be in the hospital in a seizure state. It has been on my mind a lot lately to help others in need who have the same kind of thing as Jonah. I know there are foundations out there but they seem to be way behind in helping those in need. One in particular has a waiting list of 17 bed monitors for families in need. I would love to help other families as well. I know many of you have been so kind as to donate to Jonah and our family. We are so thankful for that!  The Raising Hope for Jonah team feels there is still a big need for the fundraiser and is currently working on an updated flyer. It's time to celebrate!


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