Monday, August 25, 2014

So, we went in for IVIG August 16 to which he was having a ton of seizures. By August 19 he has been seizure free again (except a quick tonic some nights after falling asleep) since. PRAISE GOD! I have no doubt in my mind that IVIG is very much so controlling Jonah's seizures.

It's really too bad that our insurance will not pay for this. We just found out that our third appeal was denied. They are considering it experimental. Jonah's doctor told us and even wrote us a letter to the insurance company that it is not experimental but I guess that didn't do the trick. So we may be having some sort of fundraiser sometime to raise money for Jonah's treatment. Every 2 weeks it is another $1600 added to the bill not to mention the $50 in has each time we journey down to the Mayo though. We are blessed though to live so close. Many people have to fly in and we can drive. 

Sometimes it's hard to not let Satan creep in and start telling his lies. Sometimes I think what is the point of praying that whatever is going to happen is going to happen no matter if I pray or not. Or, if I try to seek God's will or not that the outcome will be the same. I know that is not true but sometimes it's hard not to go there. 

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