Saturday, August 30, 2014

Once again Jonah went back down to the Mayo for his infusion this past Friday. This time around in between infusion days he was seizure free during the day for 10 days. Then, on Friday the day he had the infusion he had 2 tonic clonic seizures while sleeping during his infusion. I believe that it had nothing to do with the infusion itself. So, technically he hasn't had an awake seizure in 12 days since the TCs were in his sleep.

Our Labor Day weekend started out Friday night when our friends from Wisconsin came up for a visit. It has been really a treat because we only get to see these guys maybe once a year. 

Saturday afternoon we all climbed into, Bruce, our 15 passenger van along with 2 doodle bugs and headed to the beach which our friends Amanda and Lori let us use their jet ski and tube for a super fun day at the lake.

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