Thursday, August 14, 2014

Justin, Tyler and Shane are leaving this evening for the Pokemon World Championship in Washington DC. This should be an amazing trip for them.  

Jonah is still having daytime seizures and this morning in his sleep he had a tonic clonic lasting 6 min. He came out if it on his own. We go back down for IVIG in 2 days. I hope things will calm down after that. We don't go back I to see the doctor until September. So something is going to need to be done before that. My guess is Keppra levels are too low. With the seizures creeping back in it really is not safe for him to ride his 2 wheel bike which he loves to ride😞. Yesterday, he had a drop while riding it. Luckily he didn't get hurt or anything. But the reality is that we are back to wearing headbands and helmets which he does not like doing. 

We finally got the appeal in to our insurance company for the IVIG. They told us it could take up to 30 days to let us know if they will pay for IVIG or not. Hopefully they will . Then we won't have to go down the Mayo every 2 weeks. We will be able to get it done locally. 

Swimming fun
Vanessa's new haircut
Climbing the apple tree
Turtle the kids found in our yard 
More swimming fun

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