Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day #3 of the diet introduction

Today started out pretty good. He ate all of his breakfast.

 We tried to get him to swallow one if his pills vs crushing it and mixing it in a syringe with soda. That didn't go do well. After almost an hour of trying to convince him to swallow it, yet another meal had already come. So, we crushed the pill and put it in the syringe. Bottom line is that made him throw up. 

The his doctor came in and we ended up getting rid of one snack and lowering his ratio to 1:1 because we know he is really good at producing ketones. Good news! 

He ate okay at lunch. He had all of his ham and crackers but not what he really need to, the fat part of it. 

Between lunch and dinner jonah was GREAT! He was a really active happy playful little normal 3 year old.

For dinner he did great, ate everything thanks to the awesome kids coach or whatever you call them team! They set him up with a new reward system that he gets to put a donut in the bucket every time he takes a bite and then when it folks to a cartoon checkpoint, he gets a reward. It took a good half hour, but praise God he ate his food!

Cream is one of the hardest parts to give him. I'm hoping that with the outpatient dietitian we can move away from the cream some. 

We get to go home tomorrow! We are thrilled yet a little nervous. It's going to be really hard until we all get into a routine and what not. 


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