Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day #2

Eating is not going go great for Jonah. Breakfast and snack both ended in him having a fit and what seems like seizure activity(not a full blown tonic clonic but still..). Lunch wasn't much better, he are about 50% but still was not enough. This is a sample of a dinner:
Thank you so much to all if you who have stepped up to help us yet once again. Someday, I hope to pay you all back. 

He was able to get the leads and cap off him from the 24 hour EEG. We did get the results back from that right away but that is going to have to be a post of its own. I'm very tired. 

Praises that Jonah was able to run around without being connected to a bunch of wires. They have 2 great children's play areas. Today they had a fall party that Jonah was able to go to. At the party he got to paint a pumpkin, go gourd bowling, fishing for prizes plus more. 
Also, I'm so thankful that Jonah are his entire snack tonight of cream and a bite of apple sauce! Oh and he seems to be great at making ketones so that is another positive. So far we are able to stay at a 2:1 ratio with the diet. That is really good news. 

Good night,

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