Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I just can't believe my baby is one. His first year has gone by so fast. part of me is sad that the last 3.5 months that Jonah has been having seizures I haven't enjoyed or spent as much time with Ethan as I would have liked to.  Ethan comes along with me to chase around Jonah pretty much all day. I'm so thankful that he is a very easy, go with the flow, laid back little dude.  I think God gave me Ethan knowing I would need my little baby smiles and baby snuggles to help he get through these hard times. One snuggle from my baby takes my stress level down at least a couple notches. 

Ethan is starting to walk more and more on his own.  He knows that he can get around way faster crawling but once in awhile I will look over to see him taking a few steps all by himself.  He is also starting to communicate more with using gestures.  For example, he has started shaking and nodding his head for things he likes and doesn't like or want.  We haven't taught him as many signs as we have the others yet but he does know some like please and thank you.


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