Sunday, July 12, 2015

Jonah had the strangest week. The beginning of last week he was still having 20-60 seizures everyday. It got to be kind of a normal thing for him as that had been going on for over a month.  We were giving him rescue meds on average of once per day. Then, come Wednesday he was completely seizure free during the day. CRAZY! He would still have a couple in his sleep but NOTHING during the day on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and today up until about 20 minutes ago. He just had 3 tonic clonic seizures in a row while awake. He hasn't had a tonic clonic seizure while awake in a couple years. He is sleeping peacefully now! Hopefully, that was just a hiccup because he didn't eat all of his food today and had his afternoon meds late. Please join us in praying that tonic clonic seizures won't be the new normal and he will have a seizure free days again this week. 

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