Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The boys have been attending a lot of Pokemon events this year. Besides the MN events they have traveled to Wisconsin for a state tournament, Iowa for a state tournament, Missouri for a regional tournament. In a few weeks they will be heading back to Wisconsin for another regional event. After that it should slow down a bit until July when they hope to go to Indiana for Nationals. If either of the boys get enough Championship points to get invited to World's that will be in DC in August. Shane is very close with only 26 more points to go out of the needed 400+.

They have won hundreds of dollars worth of Pokemon cards, playing mats, baseball hats, deck boxes, trophies....

**UPDATE   MN state tournament was tonight and the boys did GREAT! Tyler took 16th place out of 65 or so in the master division and Shane took 2nd place in the senior giving him more than enough points to get an invite to WORLDS!!

 Also, we just found out that Shane is 15th in the nation for championship points. If he stays in the top 16 he will get a travel award and a $300 Travel Stipend to get him to Nationals in Indianapolis this July. If he were to fall to the 17th-30th he would still get $750 Travel Stipend. There are only 2 more big events before the championship points are tallied up and awards given. Tyler will also have a good chance to get the same as Shane with championship points if he can do well in these next 2 regional tournaments. Technically, Justin has a chance too. ;)

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