Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Evening

5:45 Had spicy Chinese food.

6:15 Brought kids to Awana.

6:35 At Awana, Jonah had a tonic clonic seizure in the van. *Thankfully, a friend was right there to help out.

7:00 Home from Awana. Let Jonah hang out/rest on the van while watching Diego on the van video player.

7:03 James ran inside the house before us to open a new angry bird blanket and proceeded to cut his finger with a knife. (It wasn't too bad but there was blood)

7:40 Got Ethan and James back in the van along with Jonah to go pick up Vanessa from Awana. 

7:41 Realized that my van battery was dead from letting Jonah sit in the van and watch a movie for the last 40 minutes. 

7:42 Called the same friend that helped out at Awana to see if he could pick up Vanessa because my car was dead. (She is now sleeping at there house tonight)

8:00 Made Jonah his snack of a cookie and canned pineapple that I had just opened. (He helped weigh it) 

8:10 Had to go to the bathroom so bad from the spicy Chinese food that I left rest of the whole can of pineapple on the counter. Was in the bathroom for awhile. 

8:15 Right when I came out of the bathroom Jonah told me with a big smile that he ate 7 pineapples. Ahhhh, yes the whole can was empty, juice and all. His snack consist if 21g of pineapple which is about a half of one ring and he just pretty much ate over half of the whole can. That will definitely break him out of ketosis for the night. 

9:00 building a fort with Jonah!

10:10 Justin home from an awesome youth group in  Princeton

10:20 Ketones completely negative, I wonder why....all the pineapple.

10:30 Right after making my bed which consists of 4 blankets, someone comes in and takes them all off. 

10:40 Making my bed, again.

11:00 Ethan sleeping ✔️, James sleeping ✔️, Tyler sleeping✔️, Shane sleeping ✔️, Justin sleeping ✔️, Jonah not sleeping yet, although he's in bed. It could be all the sugar could it? 

11:30 one mama wishing she was sleeping. Good night. 

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