Monday, November 18, 2013

Quick update

Jonah continues to produce large ketones on the 1.5:1 ratio. I'm so thankful for that. The higher the ratio the more creative you really have to be to get in all of that fat. 

If he is upset or maybe really tired he will still have a drop seizure or maybe an eye flutter. Overall, I feel relaxed  about him running around outside, at the store or at church without a helmet on. Before the diet he would pretty much wear his helmet anytime we would go out of the house. It was quite the chore to get him to wear it all of the time. We never knew when he would drop to the ground. 

I'm going to talk to his dietitian tomorrow to see what the next step to move towards complete seizure freedom is. 

Here's James and Jonah with his helmet:
And here's now:

I love to see his face with NO bruises. 

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