Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Please don't think we are asking for donations but some people have asked what we might still be in need of for Jonah. Here is an updated list:

A couple more small spatulas
 A second small cooler/lunch type insulated bags for traveling with meals: The one we have is a called a Pack It. It is very cool but any brand/kind will do.

Urine Ketone Strips: (available at pharmacy):  Walmart sells them at half the cost of Target

Toothpaste: I need to check which brand. Flavors: Original Mint, Cinnamon or Lemon Lime

Medication/supplements:  Money to put towards his medications and supplements.

Special foods: Gift card to a grocery store.

O Clear Water: Sold for sure at Byerly's, not sure where else. Any flavor.

Bicford flavorings: Small bottles are fine.  They are familiar with keto diets if you call.  Otherwise, flavorings can be ordered on their website.

Kids Foaming Hand Sanitizer Alcohol free  Smart & Silky

Extra expense cost in driving to the Mayo  His next appointment is early January.

More small glass containers with lids. We have found that some of our containers are already getting small cracks in them. 

Colored straws: We go through a lot of those. :)

Crafts, stickers or other small things: We are trying to get creative this Christmas and do more crafts or other things instead of baking cookies and what not that is food related. 

Again, these things are just an idea of things we could use for those who are already asking. 

Thanks in advance.

Jonah continues to be doing great on the diet.  We really won't know a whole lot about his seizure control until early January when we go back in for another 24 hour EEG.  It seems like he is having less seizures than before he started the diet but I really don't know being at the hospital they said he was having 3-6 an hour of which we had no clue.  

Jonah's three favorite faces!!

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