Monday, June 17, 2013

Update June 17

Jonah had a pretty good day. I don't really know what to say sometimes when people ask how Jobah's doing. I usually say he is good, which is true but really he is still having drop seizures on average 10 times per day. 

A drop seizure is an atonic seizure that causes him to lose muscle tone for a second. Sometimes, it's just his head dropping and other times it's his whole body so he falls to the ground. Also, included in the 10 or so he might have an absent seizure for a second or two which is where he just zones out. Often a absent will turn into a drop. So, if we see an absent we go to him right away incase he will fall. 

Getting back to why I tell people when they ask how things are going...

Jonah is a very happy smart little boy. He is not missing out on anything right now. He loves to run around outside, ride his power wheel, ride his trikes, jump on the trampoline, color, paint, listen to stories and so much more. He just had these seizures that he could potentially get very hurt by. 

He is wearing a bike helmet when he goes outside or if we go to a store or somewhere. 

We have summited the paper work to try to get down to the Mayo do a third opinion. We'll see what happens.

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