Friday, December 24, 2010

I wanted to back up a little and share with you that my Dr. did find a couple lesions on my neck and some inflammation behind both eyes.  We do not have the results yet from the Spinal Tap.  Because of the inflammation and what not my Dr. wanted to me to have 2 more days of high Steroids IV injection.  So, yesterday I had the first up here in at the Monticello hospital.

I wanted to thank everyone who has been praying and providing meals, drying clothes, childcare, sharing bible verses and everything else you all have been doing to bless us.

Here our some things we could really use prayer for right now:

1.healing my body if it be God's will
2.all the Dr.'s involved in my case
3.our older kids Tyler, Shane, Vanessa and James Jonah may he sleep at night and not be effected by whatever medication I might need.  Pray it would be compatible with nursing
5. pray for Justin, he has been my rock during all of this. He has been so supportive.  He will need to go back to work on Monday.
6. the part we need for our dryer that is back ordered in Africa will get here ASAP
7. my mom who has been here almost everyday helping out

Thanks again for walking with us through this whole thing.  Any bible verses or suggestions or advice or comments are welcomed!

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