Friday, December 31, 2010

First, I'm really sorry that I have not updated in a while. I don't think it is very good for my eyes to be on the computer for very long. I think most of you have heard that I do NOT have MS.

With that being said, they still don't know what it is that I have because a lot of my test results that were sent down to the Mayo Clinic are not back yet. The results that are back already though are the ones that rule OUT MS.

I do believe that I did or do have a condition in my eyes, Optic Neuritis. So, It's kind of a not so good place to be in, just waiting for results. I expect to get a call on Tuesday from my neurologist (they are out of the office on Monday) to schedule an appointment for some time next week to go over the result when they do come in. Also, I have an appointment with the eye surgeon on Wednesday for a follow up eye exam. As far as my eyes, my vision has improved a lot. I can see pretty well, however, lights and darks are still really off. And it is hard for me to see a lot of detail for example it's hard for me to find something in the fridge or in a cupboard or drawer. It's like the white balance is way off.

The day following my Lumbar puncture I started having very bad headaches when I sat and stood up. Thank you Jesus those are gone now. But they lasted for 6 days.

As far as Jonah, I don't remember if I mentioned anything about him in a recent post. He had is 6 month well check last Monday. He had not gained any weight since his 4 month well check. He weighs only 13 pounds 3 ounces. I thought that maybe my milk supply was decreasing, but I think it is back up there!! His Dr. told us to start him on rice cereal, and then jump right in to the protein foods. So that's what we are trying to do. If anyone has any advice on making baby food or good suggestions for protein foods for babies that would be great! Developmentally, Jonah is doing awesome!!!! He crawls all over, he's pulling himself up on things and babbling quite a bit and just a very happy smiley baby!

Please keep praying for the healing of my body and to keep trusting God no matter what He has in store for our family.



  1. Kristi, I have a great book about making baby food you can borrow called "Super Baby Food." It is packed with great tips and guidelines, and would be great for figuring out which foods are best for high protein, etc.
    I'll do my best to remember it next time we are going to see you guys.
    Thanks for the updates, and we are still praying!

  2. Hi Kristi - We don't know each other, but I know Pat and Kathy from church. A great high calorie, high fat, high nutrient baby food is avocado. My girls loved it!

    We have been praying for you.
    Kendra Grand

  3. Thanks so much. A lot of people have been suggesting I try avocado. I think that I will definitely try them with Jonah.