Thursday, October 16, 2014


I know it's been awhile, sorry. Time has not been on my side.

I posted last a little over a month ago. Since then Jonah has been down to the Mayo twice and we have increased his ratio from 1.75:1 to 2:1. That doesn't seem like much but you can tell. He gets quite a bit less fruit and more heavy whipping cream. He seems to be tolerating it fine though. Thanks to Barb who is on top of making sure Jonah has a great variety of meals and makes them every week. Barb is always on the ketocaluculator making new meals or switching things up to make the meals more attractive to him. Thanks also to John and Susan who have bought themselves a scale and taken on the task to help with Jonah's food preparation. Thank you to my mother, Kathy who continues to come over 3 times every week to help out. Thank you to Margie and all who decorate brown lunch bags that Jonah's meals come in. Thank you Audra and Audra's whole Church body who continue to lift Jonah up in prayer and send words of encouragement. Thank you Katie who also is a prayer worrier for our Jonah and continues to send texts and words of encouragement to Jonah. Thank you to Bill and Kathy who barley know Jonah yet have keep donating financialy to Jonah's rising medical cost through Pay Pal which now have accumulated over 15K. I know I am missing so many people but thank you to every single one of you praying for Jonah and coming along side this journey of having a child with hard to treat, multiple types of seizures, aka Doose Syndrome. 

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