Wednesday, February 26, 2014


We are counting down the days until we get on a plane to Florida.10 more days until Vanessa, James, Ethan and myself join my Mom, Pat, Michael and Erika on a plane for an 8 day vacation to Florida to celebrate my brother graduating law school and my sister graduating from college.

I am so thankful for my husband, Justin, to gift us this amazing trip. He has offered to stay back and watch Jonah, Tyler and Shane. It would be nice if we could ALL go, but it's just simply way too expensive. We cannot all afford to go.:(

Please join us in praying that Jonah will have a good week and not have many seizures while we are away and be okay with me gone for so long. Justin has the okay from work to work from home that week which is huge. So, Tyler and Shane will be watching Jonah while Justin is working downstairs. 

Vanessa is so excited for this trip. Really everyone is. My heart is a little heavy because I am scared to leave Jonah for so long but I know he is in good hands. It may look a little selfish that I am leaving. I feel that way sometimes. I need time to be able to be with some of my other children that need me to spend time with them also. I will miss Tyler, Shane, Jonah and Justin very much. I'm in this cycle everyday stressed and following Jonah in hope that he won't fall over and if he does he won't get hurt. 

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