Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Moby Wrap

I have 5 kids and have not used a baby sling/wrap type carrier until now.  I occasionally used a Baby Bjorn with Vanessa and James, but, that is very different from the wraps.  A friend suggested a Moby Wrap when was pregnant with Jonah.  I ended up getting one shortly after he was born and I LOVE it!  It is so simple. it's basically a very long piece of fabric.  I like it because it just seems like he is so snug and comfortable.  His feet don't just dangle out the bottom like they would in a Bjorn style carrier.  I can block the sun from his eyes easily if we are outside which is nice.  Their are a lot of different ways to carry your baby with it. Here is baby Jonah in the Moby:


  1. I want to get one of these for baby #3, too. I'm too scared to leave the baby in the bouncy chair like I did with the other two, afraid the puppy will get her!

  2. Oh, yeah good idea. I think the Moby is great but, if you decide to go with the Bjorn style instead I have one you could have.