Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random pictures

Here are my lovely children in 1 of 2 huge boxes that had been sitting in my living room for almost 2 weeks. If you want to keep your kids busy on a cold winter day, get them a big box. They colored them, made forts out of them, cut doors in them, did school work in them, rolled around it them, just to name a few things.One of the first 34 degree weather days we had Shane and Vanessa couldn't wait to go outside and have a picnic. I don't know, personally I would like to wait until at least 50 degrees.

Here is our or should I say Tyler's cat Tikaboo. I know the picture is a little washed out ( I don't do any photo editing).
And last but not least this is the fire we had a few days ago to burn up some of the cardboard we had stored up from this winter. The kids really enjoyed the winter (almost spring) bonfire.

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