Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hunter is a great dog. He is very smart. He knows a ton of tricks (sit, stay, come, jump up, shake, play dead, roll over, and many more). He loves to go on bike rides. He is kennel trained. Hunter is up to date with his shots and is fixed. He loves OUR family and even a few others (Pat, Kathy, Erika, Jerry). But now I will tell you why we must give him away.

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The problem is that he wants to bite anyone who comes on our property.You might think oh that's not too bad my dog bark at people. Hunter would not only bark but he would bite them if we let him. See, we did everything we shouldn't have done to socialize him when he was puppy. We got him last fall when he was around 10-11 weeks old. Once winter came we rarely socialized him with people. We didn't really have very many visitors over the winter. When we did we would sometimes even put him away in the garage because some of our friends have kids who are super scared of dogs so we thought why not just put him away when they were over. He is a Chocolate Lab/ Chesapeake mix. Chesapeake's can be know for being protective. He is very smart and quickly became trained and very obedient so we thought we didn't need to spend the money on obedience training( another mistake). We did have a trainer come out to our house to take a look at Hunter who actually breeds and specializes in Chesapeake's. She said that he is very scared of people when they come over and doesn't know how to handle that. She gave us a bunch of tips and a gentle guide leash (which we love). But the bottom line is that it would be very hard to undo the fear that is already in him of strangers. If it were just Justin and I we would definitely keep him. But with all the small children in the neighborhood always coming and going he is just too much of a risk. We have been trying for the last 2 months to find him a good home or at least a no kill shelter but who wants a dog with an aggression issue. So we will probably end up giving him to a humane society which he will be labeled not adoptable and be put down. We love Hunter, but at the same time don't want anyone getting bit.

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