Friday, June 12, 2009

Shane's baseball game

This year Shane has moved up to the next level of baseball. I think he loves it! This year he actually has a team name, all the "gear", they actually keep track of the score, and he still gets a snack after each game. See, last year he was only a color. Also, last year they played with no outs and he could only advance one base. Here are some picture of his last game:

These pictures are taken at quite a distance, so, some of them are a little blurry. See, I do have 2 small children I am watching at the park while trying to watch Shane and get some good pics. My mom was there that day so she helped out with James and Vanessa. Here are some pics of them at the park:

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  1. Great pics. Both the children and the grammy are very cute. Keep posting pics.